Offering an alluring mix of Seafood and Classical German fare.

Located in the heart of downtown Coos Bay at the intersection of US 101-South and the road to Charleston/beaches. The Blue Heron Bistro offers classical German cuisine and local seafood dishes in an old-world atmosphere.

Hausgemacht = HOMEMADE

At the Blue Heron we make our desserts, French bread, sandwich rolls and German sourdough rye on the premises; you will find nothing like our dark rye within hundreds of miles. Our clam chowder and our goulash soup are all-homemade, too. We prepare and slow-cook our Sauerbraten, Goulash and Rouladen right here; we also make our Jägerschnitzel sauce, cucumber-cole slaw and the mango chutney for our salmon. We make our gravies from scratch, using the drippings from our meat dishes. We make our Spätzle (German noodles), our warm potato salad and garlic-mashed potatoes, using Yukon Gold spuds. We steam most of our vegetables, without using canned or frozen ones.

We do not use pre-sliced or imitation cheese. Our burgers are half-pounders. Our German sausages and our Kasseler Rippchen are made by a butcher who obtained his Prüfungszeugnis (diploma) for the German meat craft in 1958. He makes the real thing and we know he does. Show-offs who complain that those products are not authentically German risk being mocked and/or contradicted.

In short, we go to great lengths to serve well-prepared, artisanal foods, and at prices better than at big-city German restaurants. We hope you enjoy them as we do.

Monday-Friday 11AM to 9PM.
Saturdays Noon to 9PM.
Now open Sundays Noon to 8PM.

Before planning a Sunday visit, please call to verify opening hours:


or email us at: